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A Dream Come True...

After three years, sleepless nights, blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of hard work, the N’tegrity In Motion Website is finally finished. Taking on the giant task of creating my own website, without any knowledge of what to do or where to start, left me looking at the screen with a blank face, asking myself, “Are you really ready for this?” I took a good look at that blank screen and answered, “This is my canvas. Like any good artist, you have to start in order to see what you’re capable of creating.”

I spent a great deal of time focusing on the details, because I didn’t have the know-how of a professional web developer. I began to overlook the content I was creating and overthink my ideas. In this crazy mind of mine, I reminded myself that everything I’m feeling, I would also feel as a dancer… So what thoughts and beliefs are you going to choose to believe in? Is this task I’m undertaking any different from perfecting and educating myself as a dancer? … NO … You’re gonna mess up and fall on your face and lose your patience at times. That's part of the process of growing… So stop overthinking and just do.

Quality is key, but business developments don't have to be perfect in order to be ready.

Special thanks to all that have supported me throughout my career, my friends and family, and my amazing team at NIM for helping me make all of this possible. I walk into 2019 with an attitude of gratitude... Grateful for helping me make God's vision come to life.

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Apr 23, 2019

The website looks incredible!! We're so proud of you!

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