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EXCITED TO GET BACK ON TRACK! BGirl’s Hip Replacement Featured In Health Access Magazine.

As a well-known breakdancer and arts educator, I am excited to be featured in the Yale New Haven Health Access magazine. I was blessed to work with incredible doctors and physical therapists who were able to educate me about my conditions and the treatment options that would best support my needs as a female athlete in the breakin’ community. Check out the article on the Health Access website!

The article highlights my priorities as a professional and some of the intense challenges I’ve faced recently, including two surgeries during Covid-19 lockdowns: a repair of a torn labrum & rotator cuff in my shoulder followed 3 months later by a total hip replacement.

My recovery and training process has been guided by the knowledgeable and compassionate staff at the Yale Medical Total Joint Replacement Program. They are supportive of my goals as an artist and athlete. I have recorded many hours of footage for a documentary which I plan to release in two years. I hope to share my story with health care practitioners and artistic athletes who might need answers as badly as I did.

For over 20 years, I tried to self diagnose my discomfort and injuries. I am one of the youngest known bgirls to have received a total hip replacement. We athletes can be in tune with our bodies, but we also experience the intensity of our craft. While it’s important to have a doctor who listens to our observations of ourselves, we also need experts who can educate us and determine root causes of chronic symptoms.

I have learned that 8 out of 10 girls who are born with hip dysplasia don’t even know they have it, and over time this can cause severe arthritis and misalignment. Over the years, my body adapted to the demands I placed upon it while dancing. Most of the power moves that we do in breakin’ require hip flexibility and wide ranges of motion.

If you feel uncomfortable during your training and battles, you need medical care providers who understand the nature of your sport! It is critical that medical professionals and athletes learn more about the unique stressors and strengths of breakin’. My hope is that the community will come to know the right questions to ask in their search for appropriate care and treatment.

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